Growing up as the "pastor's kid" in 1960's Bristol, Connecticut. There was a church on every corner representing every branch of the Christian faith imaginable. Almost every church had a school associated with it. The divisions that existed between the churches were at the very core of what defined social norms - including which side of the street you walked on.

His father chose a career in faith over being a hockey player. His father took his calling seriously. He felt he was on stage 24/7. One day out of the blue, his father took down his skates and skated with them on the pond in the park. Robert was amazed at his skills. Then he hung up his skates and never skated again. His father became a Bishop in the Lutheran church and eventually took an assignment at a church in ----- Germany. His father spoke German, his mother did not.

He learned to speak German and was an exchange student in -----Germany. To this day, He loves traditions and high church rituals and ceremonies. He now lives in "Horse Country" with his wife and an assortment of pets.

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With Reader's Favorite Organizers

Mr. Bishop, What did you feel after knowing that you will be flying to Miami, attend the book exhibit and receive your award? His Answer: Just entering a contest, especially one as well-known and respected as Reader's Favorites, can be nerve wracking all on its own. For me, having poured heart and soul into I, Jetebais, I was both excited and somewhat intimidated knowing that my work was going to be read and evaluated for its worth by accomplished literary judges.